OFSTED: Landau Forte 6th Form Requires Improvement

What happens to failing academies?

Several years ago we were told that Tamworth schools were in such a state that the only answer was to have an academy in the town. It was also decided that all of the 6th forms would be closed in favour of a single 6th form run by the new academy sponsor Landau Forte. This was fought but the decision had already been made and despite massive public opposition to the changes they were pushed onto Tamworth whether we liked it or not.

Landau Forte 6th Form
Landau Forte 6th Form – image courtesy of Tamworth Herald

The government has recently said that any schools that fail to reach a good standard in the OFSTED inspection regime will be turned into academies as though it is a magic bullet that cures all ills. But what happens when academies fail? Sadly we are in this position with the only 6th form in Tamworth having been given a ‘requires improvement’ in its latest OFSTED inspection. What this shows yet again is that the use of private companies and organisations within schools does nothing to improve achievement.

The last thirty years have seen relentless meddling by successive governments, constant attempts to undermine the status of the teaching profession and the use of education to score political points off their rivals.

So what is the answer? Public money should be spent on things that benefit the public not to subsidise contracts for big corporations. Education professionals need to be given the freedom to develop the curriculum that best suits their pupils. And most importantly there must be real choice for parents to choose a school that best suits their child.

Tamworth deserves to have good schools for ALL children and that will only be achieved by well motivated staff working in well equipped schools. It is time to stop spending money on what private companies want and start spending it on making a better future for the children of Tamworth. The Green Party is dedicated to a fair system that values the skills of every child and believes that parents should decide what is best for their children.

Download the OFSTED report here.


Wilnecote News #4 – Special Energy Edition

Greens - Wilnecote News #4
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Our occasional newsletter Wilnecote News is out. Download your copy now and read this special ‘Energy Edition‘ focussing on the madness that is fracking and nuclear energy.

Also in this issue is the Green Party’s stance on HS2, the big transport white elephant touted by the Tories, LibDems and Labour as the saviour of our economy.

If you agree with us and want to say no to fracking, nuclear energy and HS2, then join us on 7th May and vote Green.