County Council Election 2017 – Results

The Conservative Party managed to take all six Tamworth Divisions in the County Council Elections.

The closest contest was in Amington, with the Conservative candidate beating Labour by just 15 votes.

This is the first time that The Green Party have contested all six Divisions in Tamworth, with Conservative, Labour and UKIP also contesting all six Divisions and the Lib Dems standing in three.

Whilst the Green Party candidates did well and maintained our base level support of around 4% of the vote, it was clear from the results that our share of the vote was lower in the Divisions contested by the Lib Dems. This is something that we need to consider for future elections.

The most visible trend identified was the drastic reduction in UKIP’s share of the vote which appears to have moved to the Conservatives. 

Thank you to our candidates for their efforts, especially Lesley and Wil who were first time candidates.

Please see here for full details of the results.


Tamworth Says YES to Syrian Refugees – The Video

Please spend just over six minutes watching this video by Paul Barnett of wellredfilms to see for yourself just how magnificent the people of Tamworth are.

Thank you Paul.

Further information:

From Syria to Tamworth from wellredfilms on Vimeo.

Tamworth Says YES to Syrian Refugees – In Pictures

Wow! Fantastic turnout today in Tamworth Castle Grounds for the ‘Tamworth Says Yes to Syrian Refugees’ demonstration – to counterpoint the naysayers. Well done to the organisers for such a great event and thanks to Staffordshire Police for their presence.

Here’s some pictures from the event. Click an image to enlarge it. (All images courtesy of RobTheRunt)

Borough Election Summary

In all the excitement of the General Election on 7th May, it is easy to overlook the fact that borough council elections took place at the same time in ten wards.

Tamworth Greens fielded its biggest ever number of candidates this time and all six – John Scattergood, Harry Yendell, Simon Johnson, Sarah Walters, Lisa Crane & Nicola Holmes – wish to pass on their thanks to all who supported us.

The candidates all received approx 4-5% of the vote in each of the six wards, which were all contested by Conservative, Labour and UKIP.

The Bolehall Ward was contested for the first time by Green Party candidate Harry Yendell.

Results in Tamworth mirrored national trends with the Conservatives strengthening their grip on the Borough Council.

Full Borough Council results can be found here.

Tamworth Green Party remains staunchly against the Bedroom Tax, against Zero Hours Contracts, against HS2 and against Privatisation within the NHS.

General Election Thanks!

At the General Election on 7th May, we stood our very first parliamentary candidate, Nicola Holmes. While we only managed 1,110 votes, this was a landmark event for us.

Nicola would like to pass on the following message to the people of Tamworth.

As the Green Party candidate for Tamworth I would like to give my heart felt appreciation to everyone who voted Green at the General and Local Elections on Thursday 7th May.

For us to have achieved over 1,000 votes the first time we have stood a parliamentary candidate in Tamworth is a terrific result. Voters have responded to our campaign on the Living Wage, preserving public services, opposing fracking, bringing the trains back into public hands and an end to austerity.

I am delighted to have been a candidate for The Green Party at this election. We ran a wholly positive campaign, focusing not on the politics of fear, but on the politics of hope.

At this general election, for the first time ever, voters in all 59 constituencies in the West Midlands region have had the opportunity to back a Green Party candidate at the polls.

These are exciting times for the Green Party. Our membership has quadrupled in recent months. It is just a shame that under this unfair electoral system, the percentage of votes we get will not transfer to representation in parliament.

We will continue to work towards our goal of building a society and political system that works for the common good.

Tamworth Green Party will always be about and active in the community and would love to welcome new supporters. If you are interested please contact us at

Thank You!

Tamworth Green party candidates Nicola Holmes (Belgrave), Simon Johnson (Castle) and Clifford Holmes (Wilnecote) would like to thank everyone who voted for us and all those who supported us with leafleting, retweeting and sharing our status updates.
We’re delighted that during this election, our registered supporter base has more than doubled and this gives us a great platform to work harder for the people of Tamworth, arguing for the protection of public services and workers’ rights, and a sustainable future, and to protect Tamworth from fracking.

A thank you from Tamworth Green Party

TAMWORTH Green Party candidates Lisa Crane, Eddie Jones and Simon Johnson would like to thank the people of Stonydelph, Perrycrofts and Watling North who voted for us on May 2.

The Green Party does not have the millionaire backers of the Tories or UKIP, or the Trade Union funds that support Labour. Yet with very limited resources our message of social justice, coupled with environmental sustainability continues to win solid support.

We are a small but growing group of activists who have a friendly and informal meeting on the first Tuesday each month.

You don’t need to be a party member to join us but if you share our goal of a future that works for people and the planet, please get in touch or get involved.

Simon Johnson, Chair

Tamworth and District Green Party

Thanks x 405!

Many thanks to all of you who voted for our three candidates in the County Election. We achieved the following votes:


Eddie Jones (Green) – 100


Lisa Crane (Green) – 106

Watling North

Simon Johnson (Green) – 199

We are making slow and steady progress but clearly we have a long way to go. The key to future success, of course, is to get more people involved – as members or simply as friends and supporters.

For that reason, we are pleased that several ‘new’ people have made contact with us over the last couple of weeks.

Tamworth Green Party holds an informal meeting on the first tuesday of each month. You don’t have to be a member to come along. Just get in touch and we will let you know the details. All meetings are informal and involve lots of tea and biscuits!

Thank you to all those who voted Green!

Tamworth Green Party candidates Lisa Crane and Simon Johnson would like to thank the voters of Mercian and Castle wards who supported us in the local elections on 3rd May. We are very pleased that, despite our limited resources, our share of the vote has again held up in Tamworth.

We think the Green Party’s positive messages of caring for the environment and promoting social justice strike a chord with people worried about their children’s future, struggling to make ends meet to pay for a financial crisis they didn’t cause and seeing the services they rely on being cut or sold off for profit.

In Castle, Simon  gained 162 votes – approximately 9% of the poll whilst in Mercian, Lisa scored 7.77% (130 votes) and firmly pushed the Liberal Democrat candidate into fourth position.

Clearly we still have a long way to go to get the Green message across but we have made a very good start and we now have our eyes fixed firmly on next years County Council elections.

With your help, we can go much further- why not join us?

Get involved!