Don’t Let David Cameron Bring Back Fox-Hunting

That was the message from supporters of Tamworth Green Party as we held a stall last Saturday (6th June) to raise awareness of government’s plans to let MPs vote on legalising this barbaric practice.

We had an amazing response, collecting 150 names on our petition in a little over an hour, with people queuing up to sign!

All the people we spoke to were completely against hunting, which bears out the often quoted statistic that at least 80% of people in this country want it to remain illegal.

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If you would like us to add your name to the petition below, please email your name and address to us at

You can also take further action here:

Here is the petition:


David Cameron has said he believes in the “freedom to hunt” and wants fox hunting legalised.

It is now very likely the Conservatives will hold a parliamentary vote on repealing the fox hunting ban brought in ten years ago.

Tamworth MP Christopher Pincher also supports the return of fox hunting.

Fox hunting involves setting a pack of dogs on a fox and then chasing it on horseback until it is surrounded and ripped apart. It is barbaric and cruel and rightly opposed by the majority of people in this country.

Please sign this petition to show the Prime Minister how out of touch support for this so-called sport is and show your support for maintaining the hunting ban.


Better Transport

Are you happy with a privatised public transport system? We’re not.

This is what we’ll do about it:

  • return the railways to public ownership
  • reduce rail fares immediately by 10%
  • promote cycling and walking for health and environmental benefits.

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Free Education

What price a decent education?

Academies and Free Schools run as businesses, sky high university tuition fees. This is not what a world class education system is built upon.

The Green Party will:

  • bring an end to tuition fees
  • bring Academies and Free Schools back under local authority control
  • promote a fully comprehensive system.

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Safe Climate

Climate change is real and here. Now!

Every year that goes by without action by government, we slide closer towards irreversible damage to our environment, societal breakdown and economic disaster.

The Green Party will challenge the conventional thinking by:

  • working with other countries to ensure global temperatures do not rise beyond 2 degrees
  • phase out fossil-fuel based energy generation and nuclear power
  • invest in a public programme of renewable generation, flood defences and building insulation

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Decent Homes

Secure, affordable, decent homes. Not much to ask for really.

However, due to soaring private rents and social housing being sold off left, right and centre, for a lot of people, it’s just a dream.

The Green Party will tackle this crisis head on by abolishing the unfair bedroom tax, building more social rented homes and bring empty homes back into use to ensure everyone has access to an affordable place to live.

Vote Green. For the common good!

Join the #GreenSurge.

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Vote For What You Believe In

Green Party Manifesto 2015

Three days ago, The Green Party launched its 2015 General Election Manifesto For the Common Good which sets out ambitious plans for a fairer society and a safer planet.

At the launch event, Green Party leader Natalie Bennett said:

Our manifesto is an unashamedly bold plan to create a more equal, more democratic society while healing the planet from the effects of an unstable, unsustainable economy.

Also at the launch was Caroline Lucas (elected as as MP for Brighton Pavilion in 2010). Caroline added:

From ending the scandal of cold homes to investing in a public transport system that puts the public first, our plans will make a positive difference to people’s lives, create new jobs and help protect our environment.

Please take some time to read the manifesto and you will see The Green Party vision is significantly different to that of any other party. Fairness, healthy lives, safe planet!

To help you through the details, the manifesto is available in multiple formats including braille, easy read, audio and British Sign Language. Now what could be fairer than that?

Wilnecote News #4 – Special Energy Edition

Greens - Wilnecote News #4
Click to download

Our occasional newsletter Wilnecote News is out. Download your copy now and read this special ‘Energy Edition‘ focussing on the madness that is fracking and nuclear energy.

Also in this issue is the Green Party’s stance on HS2, the big transport white elephant touted by the Tories, LibDems and Labour as the saviour of our economy.

If you agree with us and want to say no to fracking, nuclear energy and HS2, then join us on 7th May and vote Green.


Fair Economy

The Green Party is an anti-austerity party.

The current economic model which favours company profits over the wellbeing of the citizens of the country (one of the richest in the world) is clearly not up to the job of delivering a fair society.

The Green Party would:

  • bring an end to austerity and restore the public sector, thus creating decent jobs;
  • fund this with a wealth tax aimed at the top 1% earners, a Robin Hood tax on banks and end tax loopholes;
  • increase the minimum wage to £10 an hour by 2020.

Join the #GreenSurge and say out loud #ImVotingGreen.

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Public NHS

The Green Party believes that the NHS should be publicly funded and provide free healthcare at the point of need. There should be no private interest in the NHS as healthcare is a public service and should not generate profit for anyone.

The Green Party would reverse all privatisation and repeal the Health and Social Care Act 2012. It would also make mental health a much higher priority than it is now, with funding to match this aim.

No other party in Tamworth is saying this.

Join the #GreenSurge and say out loud #ImVotingGreen.

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