County Council Elections 2013

Our candidates in the Staffordshire County Council elections 2013:

Lisa Crane – Stoneydelph

Lisa Crane
Lisa Crane









Simon Johnson – Watling North

Simon Johnson
Simon Johnson

I have lived in Tamworth for over 20 years and have over 25 years experience working for a number of local and national charitable organisations.

I have seen first-hand the attacks on the poorest and most disadvantaged members of society by politicians of all the major parties, and their obsession with economic growth that is based on consuming more and more of the Earth’s precious resources and which treats people as nothing more than economic units.

I joined the Green Party because I want to help build a future that works for people and the planet.

Tamworth and Staffordshire are due to be swallowed up by the insane HS2 project that makes no sense economically or environmentally. Yet Labour, Conservatives and Liberal Democrats are all committed to driving it through, costing every household in the country £1,200 and wrecking our countryside.

If you object to HS2 vote Green on 2nd May. If you want to keep the NHS a public service vote Green on May 2nd. If you want investment in local services, not the Tories slash-and-burn destruction of the welfare state, vote Green on May 2nd.

Eddie Jones – Perrycrofts

Eddie Jones
Eddie Jones

I have lived in Tamworth for 35 years, for the last 22 years with partner Pauline.

I currently work at Birch Coppice Business Park as a Logistics Manager.

I have three children. My eldest son is a self employed fitness instructor, my other son works in York in the voluntary sector and my daughter is in full time education.

It was my children that started me questioning my politics and beliefs.

  • Why is there so much pollution?
  • Do we do enough to take care of our environment?
  • Should we look closer at what we eat and take more exercise?
  • Why are most politicians obsessed with economic growth?
  • Why do some people in the banking sector get paid millions of pounds a year?

Having asked myself these and many other questions, I concluded that The Green Party best articulated my political thinking.

In order for Democratic Politics to work, there needs to be alternatives and I believe that The Green Party offers clear alternatives to current mainstream thinking.