Borough Council Elections 2015

We have six candidates standing for election of councillors to Tamworth Borough Council on 7th May 2015 (on the same day as the General Election). Details below.

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John Scattergood – Amington Ward – no information.

Harry Yendell – Bolehall Ward – no information.

Simon Johnson
Simon Johnson

Simon Johnson – Castle Ward

I’ve brought up a family in Tamworth and my concern about our shared future and community led me to the Green Party, and its vision of hope and a politics built around people.

In Tamworth, Green councillors would take practical steps to improve our town, investing in energy efficiency and renewable energy in council owned properties. We would improve cycling facilities and press for better public transport, including links to local cities where many Tamworth people work.

The Green Party knows we can’t build a sustainable world unless it is also a fair world. We stand alone among the major parties in fighting the government’s vicious attacks on the most vulnerable. Britain is the 6th richest country in the world, but we see Food Banks growing at a terrifying rate and a lost generation of young people facing unemployment or working for nothing, debt and unaffordable housing. This can’t carry on.

Britain doesn’t need HS2. The vast majority of journeys are local ones, yet our local public transport is expensive and unreliable – run for profit not people. The Green Party has positive alternative policies to improve transport links regionally and nationally. We are the only party fighting to return the railways and other public services to public ownership.

The Green Party is the only party fighting fracking, which destroys the landscape, pollutes water supplies and will do nothing to bring down energy bills or tackle climate change. Green councillors on Tamworth Council would make sure that no applications to frack in Tamworth would be allowed.

Sarah Walters
Sarah Walters

Sarah Walters – Glascote Ward

I am Sarah Walters, 56 years old, and have lived in Glascote for 14 years with my husband. I am a retired doctor and former senior lecturer in Public Health at the University of Birmingham.

We own and manage Alvecote Wood conservation site for wildlife and community groups, and also run a local manufacturing business that employs local people and pay our staff above the living wage. We also actively support Burgess Nature Park and other wildlife sites in Tamworth.

Tamworth needs more, better-paid local jobs, more affordable housing and a better environment for people and wildlife. If elected to the Council, I would campaign for people employed by the Council and their contractors to be paid a living wage, and work with other local employers to encourage them also to pay a living wage.

I would oppose HS2 and fracking and try to ensure development does not destroy the vital green spaces that the people of Glascote and the local wildlife need to thrive. I would fully support the Wild About Tamworth initiative, and campaign for all children to have access to outdoor education.

I would campaign to save our precious National Health Service and keep it free, non-privatised and properly-resourced.

Lisa Crane
Lisa Crane

Lisa Crane – Mercian Ward

As a teacher, and a mother of two – one in higher education and one still at primary school – I am passionate about education. The Green Party would invest in education, put more qualified teachers in our classrooms and bring Academies and Free Schools under democratic community control. We are the only party pledged to abolish university tuition fees.

The flooding we regularly see in Tamworth reminds us that climate change isn’t just a concern for our children, or our grandchildren. We need to take serious and sustained action now, both locally and globally, to prevent irreversible damage to our planet and our quality of life.

In an election marked by the anti-migrant rhetoric of all the main parties, and the tabloid press, I am proud that my party stands against the tide. We welcome the vital contribution made to our country, our lives and our public services by immigrants and oppose current policy that separates families, drives away international students and that deports vulnerable asylum seekers back to places of danger.

Nicola Holmes
Nicola Holmes

Nicola Holmes – Wilnecote Ward

Nicola is also standing as parliamentary candidate for Tamworth in the General Election. Please see Nicola’s statement here.