Borough Council Elections 2016

We have one candidate standing for election of councillors to Tamworth Borough Council on 5th May 2016. Details below.

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Mollie Scharaschkin
Mollie – Borough Council Candidate for Dosthill Ward – May 2016

Mollie Scharaschkin – Trinity Ward (Dosthill)

The Green Party appealed to me initially as the only party recognising the crucial limits of our planet’s finite resources, whilst equally reflecting the grassroots socialist activism I am enthused by.

Inclusivity and intersectionality are issues at the forefront of our ever changing society, in which the party shows real political progression with it’s positive attitude towards human rights for all individuals, for example: our commitment to decriminalise sex work and ‘refugees welcome’ campaigns.

Our policies and ideals including the re-nationalisation of public services and our anti-austerity stance is gaining popularity as a credible alternative to the harsh cuts currently being pushed through parliament, inspiring a whole new generation of previously alienated young people to get into politics.

I am in the process of setting up a Tamworth and Lichfield branch of the Young Greens, as well as being one of the two elected co-chairs for the Young Greens disability liberation group, which aims to improve accessibility for every individual regardless of needs. As an active member of the ‘LGBTIQ‘ and ‘YG Women‘ groups, I feel it is important to push forward in furthering awareness of these minorities and the issues they face so we can work harder to recognise all genders and identities, to ensure everyone’s safety and inclusion within society.

We have a truly democratic internal operation allowing any member to propose motions and vote on policy, creating an optimistic and honest vision for a better society which is fairer for all, not merely the few.