County Council Election 2017 – Results

The Conservative Party managed to take all six Tamworth Divisions in the County Council Elections.

The closest contest was in Amington, with the Conservative candidate beating Labour by just 15 votes.

This is the first time that The Green Party have contested all six Divisions in Tamworth, with Conservative, Labour and UKIP also contesting all six Divisions and the Lib Dems standing in three.

Whilst the Green Party candidates did well and maintained our base level support of around 4% of the vote, it was clear from the results that our share of the vote was lower in the Divisions contested by the Lib Dems. This is something that we need to consider for future elections.

The most visible trend identified was the drastic reduction in UKIP’s share of the vote which appears to have moved to the Conservatives. 

Thank you to our candidates for their efforts, especially Lesley and Wil who were first time candidates.

Please see here for full details of the results.


Brexit – What Next?

A message from former Green Party leader Natalie Bennett

People in Britain are angry at the status quo – and they’ve expressed that anger by voting to leave the EU. We cannot hide our disappointment at this result having campaigned strongly for a vote to Remain. But, we must now turn our attention to the task at hand: unifying our divided communities after an extraordinarily bitter period in British politics. We cannot allow the problems of racism, inequality and alienation that have, at times, been worsened by this campaign to grow.

The referendum campaign was carried out in a manner which does a disservice to the people of Britain. It was a Tory leadership campaign fought out over an issue of huge importance to this country and to Europe. People will have been turned off politics to an even greater degree than before. To help fix this democratic deficit we need electoral reform for the House of Commons to help build a more representative, inclusive democracy.

During the campaign the Green Party repeatedly stood up for migrants much more boldly than any other party, and are hugely concerned that this country’s commitment to the free movement of people is now in peril. We pledge to continue to stand up for migrants and to demonstrate how the free movement of people has enriched not impoverished people’s lives both in Britain and beyond. Please stand with us, and pledge to be a part of that campaign now.

Our party will now mobilise alongside the trade unions, environmental groups and others to defend our hard-won rights at work and environmental protections. Greens will not allow this shock to destroy what we hold dear, and we will redouble our efforts to protect our NHS and public services from privatisation and both safeguard and enhance environmental protections.

Many people have been joining the Green Party in the time since the result emerged. Now is a good time to ask sympathetic friends, colleagues and family to consider doing the same, to join the struggle to protect our hard won gains in coming months and years.

Please feel free to share your thoughts with me about where the UK goes from here: you can reach us directly on


TTIP- What does it mean for Tamworth?

Many people are still unaware of TTIP (The transatlantic trade and investment partnership) and even fewer are aware of what it means for them. So here are a few reasons that you should be fighting against TTIP.

1. Food standards. TTIP will potentially force the EU to allow the use of pesticides it has banned and allow higher levels of legal pesticides than presently allowed. As the negative effects of increasing chemical usage have become apparent over recent decades it is obvious that we need to be REDUCING not increasing the use of chemicals on our food. The intensive methods driven by a few chemical companies will ensure this cannot happen if TTIP is approved.

2. Employment and job security. The EU has admitted that TTIP will cost jobs but the most frightening aspect is the adoption of US employment laws which are known to be amongst the worst in the world. This will erode the benefits gained from hundreds of years of fighting for laws to protect EU workers and leave them increasingly open to zero hour contracts and other unfair working practices.

3. Democracy. With the likes of Christopher Pincher ignoring the people of Tamworth on issues like foxhunting it may feel like democracy is distant already at times, but at present parliament is free to make laws as it sees fit without the direct interference of big business. TTIP will allow big corporations to sue governments that pass laws that are deemed to be against their business. So tobacco companies could sue the government for introducing smoking bans as it would affect their

4. Last, but not by any stretch least, the NHS and education. TTIP allows for the opening up of the NHS and our schools to American companies. This would mean that your taxes go into the pockets of rich investors instead of funding the vital services we all rely upon. It also means that the public no longer have a say in the services that they are paying for through their taxes.

Join the fight today and let Christopher Pincher know that he does not have the right to sign away the rights that past generations fought to achieve for us.

Help us to protect their legacy!

Further reading:

Unlock Democracy!

Unlock Democracy Logo - copyright
Unlock Democracy Logo – copyright

Unlock Democracy is a grassroots campaign for democratic reform and participation.

Owned and run by its members, it aims to build a better democracy, reconnecting politics with ordinary people.

They campaign to reform the way our Parliament is elected and how it is run, want to limit the influence of big money in politics and empower people to decide how to run their local communities.

We like them a lot. So much, in fact, we’ve added them to our list of Issues links (see website menu).

We recommend you pay them a visit and get involved with their campaigns.

Don’t Let David Cameron Bring Back Fox-Hunting

That was the message from supporters of Tamworth Green Party as we held a stall last Saturday (6th June) to raise awareness of government’s plans to let MPs vote on legalising this barbaric practice.

We had an amazing response, collecting 150 names on our petition in a little over an hour, with people queuing up to sign!

All the people we spoke to were completely against hunting, which bears out the often quoted statistic that at least 80% of people in this country want it to remain illegal.

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If you would like us to add your name to the petition below, please email your name and address to us at

You can also take further action here:

Here is the petition:


David Cameron has said he believes in the “freedom to hunt” and wants fox hunting legalised.

It is now very likely the Conservatives will hold a parliamentary vote on repealing the fox hunting ban brought in ten years ago.

Tamworth MP Christopher Pincher also supports the return of fox hunting.

Fox hunting involves setting a pack of dogs on a fox and then chasing it on horseback until it is surrounded and ripped apart. It is barbaric and cruel and rightly opposed by the majority of people in this country.

Please sign this petition to show the Prime Minister how out of touch support for this so-called sport is and show your support for maintaining the hunting ban.

Borough Election Summary

In all the excitement of the General Election on 7th May, it is easy to overlook the fact that borough council elections took place at the same time in ten wards.

Tamworth Greens fielded its biggest ever number of candidates this time and all six – John Scattergood, Harry Yendell, Simon Johnson, Sarah Walters, Lisa Crane & Nicola Holmes – wish to pass on their thanks to all who supported us.

The candidates all received approx 4-5% of the vote in each of the six wards, which were all contested by Conservative, Labour and UKIP.

The Bolehall Ward was contested for the first time by Green Party candidate Harry Yendell.

Results in Tamworth mirrored national trends with the Conservatives strengthening their grip on the Borough Council.

Full Borough Council results can be found here.

Tamworth Green Party remains staunchly against the Bedroom Tax, against Zero Hours Contracts, against HS2 and against Privatisation within the NHS.

General Election Thanks!

At the General Election on 7th May, we stood our very first parliamentary candidate, Nicola Holmes. While we only managed 1,110 votes, this was a landmark event for us.

Nicola would like to pass on the following message to the people of Tamworth.

As the Green Party candidate for Tamworth I would like to give my heart felt appreciation to everyone who voted Green at the General and Local Elections on Thursday 7th May.

For us to have achieved over 1,000 votes the first time we have stood a parliamentary candidate in Tamworth is a terrific result. Voters have responded to our campaign on the Living Wage, preserving public services, opposing fracking, bringing the trains back into public hands and an end to austerity.

I am delighted to have been a candidate for The Green Party at this election. We ran a wholly positive campaign, focusing not on the politics of fear, but on the politics of hope.

At this general election, for the first time ever, voters in all 59 constituencies in the West Midlands region have had the opportunity to back a Green Party candidate at the polls.

These are exciting times for the Green Party. Our membership has quadrupled in recent months. It is just a shame that under this unfair electoral system, the percentage of votes we get will not transfer to representation in parliament.

We will continue to work towards our goal of building a society and political system that works for the common good.

Tamworth Green Party will always be about and active in the community and would love to welcome new supporters. If you are interested please contact us at


Decent Homes

Secure, affordable, decent homes. Not much to ask for really.

However, due to soaring private rents and social housing being sold off left, right and centre, for a lot of people, it’s just a dream.

The Green Party will tackle this crisis head on by abolishing the unfair bedroom tax, building more social rented homes and bring empty homes back into use to ensure everyone has access to an affordable place to live.

Vote Green. For the common good!

Join the #GreenSurge.

See these Green Party links:

Vote For Change

Polling Station
Image courtesy of

In just under two weeks the country goes to the polls as General Election fever ramps up.

Please take a few moments to see the real change that The Green Party has to offer by nipping over to the national website and reading the manifesto. Then acquaint yourself with our most excellent candidate, Nicola Holmes.

And just in case, you weren’t aware, there are ten Borough Council seats up for grabs on the same day and we’re standing in six wards. Check them out here.

Hopwas Woods – Swift Victory

Tamworth Green Party welcomes the news that LaFarge Tarmac has withdrawn its application for permission to quarry in Hopwas Woods, in the face of a massive campaign by local people to protect the woods.

We would like to congratulate the Friends of Hopwas Wood and the hundreds of local people who stood up to be counted and showed we are not prepared to see our environment trashed in the pursuit of corporate greed.

In particular, Sean of the Save Hopwas Woods campaign on Facebook got a lot of people mobilised very quickly and really was the moving force behind the public outcry. Sean organized the initial and largest response – over 12,000 people “liked” the Facebook page.

However, we must remain very vigilant: as we made clear in our original statement on this issue, the government is currently pushing the Infrastructure Bill through Parliament which will effectively remove the right of local communities to stop developments of this kind, by enabling “surplus” public land (in other words owned by the government or other public bodies) to be sold for development without any consultation or protection of access rights or rights of way. This legislation will also remove landowners’ and householders’ right to prevent fracking taking place underneath their property.

This is a political issue and the Conservative government has a terrible record of tipping the balance of planning controls away from protection and towards further economic development that will boost corporate profits but cause real damage to important habitats and to everyone’s quality of life.