General Election 2015

Nicola Holmes – Parliamentary Candidate for the General Election 2015

I am a mother to two young children and at the school my oldest attends I am secretary of the PTA and a Parent Governor.

Nicola Holmes
Nicola Holmes – Parliamentary Candidate 2015

I feel very strongly that all children deserve the very best education and I am very lucky to be able to help with fundraising for a school that really cares about the development and education of its students.

I am involved with the campaign Breastfeeding is Awesome. We aim to promote and support breastfeeding support groups and raise money for local groups. Last year we created a breastfeeding calendar which is live online.

I am passionate about campaigning for a more equal, fair world for ourselves and future generations.

I joined the Green Party as the old parties have lost touch with the people they are meant to serve and like so many people, I am tired of the privileged and wealthy dictating on issues they are so far removed from.

People should vote for the Green Party as we believe that people should be treated with compassion rather than indifference. We wish to support people in need rather than stigmatise or victimise them.

The government’s austerity cuts are so damaging to the livelihoods of many that they have been described as being in breach of the UK’s human rights obligations.

The Green Party believe in the following:

  • Rebuilding our economy
  • Bringing the railways back into public hands
  • Keeping the public at the heart of the NHS, preventing privatisation by stealth
  • Education being free for all
  • Action on climate change – opposed to fracking

For full details of all Green Party policies, please visit the Green Party Policy website.