Congratulations to Jeremy Corbyn: an open letter to Tamworth Labour Party

Dear friends,

We would like to offer you our heartfelt congratulations on the election of Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party.

Jeremy is a conviction politician and a man of principle with whose views we have much in common. We look forward, now, to Labour returning to its roots as a social movement campaigning in the best interests of ordinary people.

It is with that in mind that we would like to suggest that, where we now have agreement, we explore ways of working together on the issues and campaigns affecting the people of Tamworth.

We think these should include:

  • opposition to the austerity measures which are fuelling the growth in food banks;
  • support for our hospitals in the face of ongoing cuts, ward closures and privatisation of services;
  • campaigning for high quality, affordable housing to meet very real local needs.

We would also add, especially given the voting records of local Tory MPs including Christopher Pincher:

  • the threat of ‘fracking’ in the County
  • the need to defend the legislation outlawing fox-hunting which was brought in by a previous Labour government.

So, whilst we will continue to maintain our independence, particularly at the ballot box, we do wish Jeremy all the very best and look forward to a fruitful collaboration with his colleagues locally.

Tamworth Green Party


Better Transport

Are you happy with a privatised public transport system? We’re not.

This is what we’ll do about it:

  • return the railways to public ownership
  • reduce rail fares immediately by 10%
  • promote cycling and walking for health and environmental benefits.

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Public NHS

The Green Party believes that the NHS should be publicly funded and provide free healthcare at the point of need. There should be no private interest in the NHS as healthcare is a public service and should not generate profit for anyone.

The Green Party would reverse all privatisation and repeal the Health and Social Care Act 2012. It would also make mental health a much higher priority than it is now, with funding to match this aim.

No other party in Tamworth is saying this.

Join the #GreenSurge and say out loud #ImVotingGreen.

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Stand up for our great NHS

Lisa Crane, Green Party candidate for Stoneydelph, writes:

Following an accident on Sunday, I found myself in Good Hope A and E Department with a deeply lacerated knee. We’ve all heard the jibes about ‘No Hope’ but my experience was the total opposite. The receptionist was friendly and chatted pleasantly with my partner as he told her all my details.

Yes, I had to wait for a couple of hours but it’s common sense that children and those with head injuries who arrived after me should receive priority as my condition, although somewhat gruesome, was stable. Once I was seen by the nurses, they immediately assessed that I would need an X-ray and a doctor, and were efficient, friendly and most importantly kind to both me and my partner. The radiographer was pleasant and caring as were the porters who wheeled me there and back. After the doctors had determined that I’d require a trip to theatre and an overnight stay, this was organised with no fuss although I could hear that the nurses had to make several phone calls to arrange this due to problems with different departments being worried about the deadlines and time scales imposed on them from management above.

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