Stand Firm Against Foxhunting

A Tamworth Green Party Campaign

Red Fox & Cub
Red Fox & Cub

Did you know that prime minister David Cameron is in favour of bringing back fox-hunting, against the wishes of most people in this country? Shocking, but true.

Tamworth Conservative MP, Christopher Pincher, has also said he supports scrapping the Hunting Act which banned fox-hunting back in 2004. Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant is also in favour of reversing the Hunting Act.

As for North Warwickshire & Bedworth MP Craig Tracey, his position is currently unclear, but we need to make sure he knows ours!

We need to act fast to change their minds! So what do we – you! – need to do?

Write to them. Email them. Tweet them. Let them know that the ban needs to stand! See their details below.

You can write to any MP at: House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA

Apply some pressure on Christopher Pincher:

Pester Michael Fabricant:

Straighten up Craig Tracey:

Get Petitioning!

There are a number of national petitions on this issue. Please sign them and share with your friends.

Learn the Facts!

Get in touch with some organisations that can provide you with the information to help you speak your mind