Tamworth Says YES to Syrian Refugees – The Video

Please spend just over six minutes watching this video by Paul Barnett of wellredfilms to see for yourself just how magnificent the people of Tamworth are.

Thank you Paul.

Further information:

From Syria to Tamworth from wellredfilms on Vimeo.


Europe for the Common Good

This evening the second closed Euro debate took place on BBC2. Unlike Nick and Nigel the Green Party don’t think Europe should be reduced to a shouting match.

Only the Green Party is delivering the right kind of change in Europe.

In response to tonight’s closed debate the Green Party released their party election broadcast ‘Europe for the Common Good’.

The ‘debate’ tonight presented a simplistic picture of our place in Europe. The Green Party believe that people deserve more from their politicians.

Only the Greens are offering a viable alternative to our dysfunctional relationship with Europe. It is not all or nothing – and they understand that.

Europe is good for the UK. But it is not perfect – it needs to change and put people and planet before business-as-usual.

This is what the Greens are doing in Europe and what they will continue to deliver for the UK.