Simon Johnson

Borough Council Candidate 2014 – Castle Ward

Simon Johnson
Simon Johnson

I’m Simon Johnson and I’m standing as the Green Party candidate in Castle ward. I’ve brought up a family in Tamworth and my concern about the future and the community we all share led me to the Green Party, its vision of hope and a politics built around people.

In Tamworth, Green councillors would take practical steps to make our town a better place to live, investing in energy efficiency and renewable energy in council owned properties, including improving housing. We would seek to improve cycling facilities and public transport, including links to local cities where many Tamworth people work.

We would also challenge the council policy on the benefits it administers, such as Council Tax Support, as Tamworth has one of the meanest schemes in the country, costing local hard-up families an extra £17 a month.

The Green Party knows we can’t build a sustainable world unless it is also a fair world.

We stand alone among the major parties in fighting the government’s vicious attacks on the most vulnerable, weakening workers’ rights and squeezing disabled people and others on benefits so that poverty, hunger and homelessness are becoming a feature of daily life. Britain is the 6th richest country in the world, but we see Food Banks growing at a terrifying rate and a lost generation of young people facing unemployment or working for nothing, debt and unaffordable housing. This can’t carry on.

Tamworth doesn’t need HS2. Only the Green Party is campaigning to stop this White Elephant and putting forward positive alternative policies to improve transport links regionally and nationally. And the Green Party is fighting to return the railways and other services such as gas, electricity and water to public ownership.

The Green Party is also the only party fighting fracking, which destroys the landscape, pollutes water supplies and will do nothing to bring down energy bills or tackle climate change. Green councillors on Tamworth Council would make sure that no applications to frack in Tamworth would be allowed.