Nicola Holmes – Perrycrofts – County Elections 2017

Nicola Holmes
Nicola Holmes – 2017 candidate for Perrycrofts Division

I am proud to stand for the Green Party, a party that puts people and integrity first.

I stood in the parliamentary elections to voice my concerns on the effects of the imposed austerity that has been described as so damaging that they would be in breach of the UK’s human rights obligations.

I stood against the privatisation of the NHS, I stood against HS2, fracking, and the cuts in service that saw Tamworth lose youth centres, their Sure Start services, Golf course, services at Sir Robert Peel, BIBS Breast feeding services.  Also the closure of Wilnecote Board schools that led to community groups being thrown out as these building languish for well over a year now empty and abandoned and making our libraries volunteer run in order to stay open and the closure of town centre toilets.

I stand opposed to these and future cuts.

For County Council I vow that I would fight for the people of Tamworth, for their voices to be heard, in planning of current and future builds and for our town centre to be put first.

Nicola Holmes, candidate for Perrycrofts, 2017