Mollie Scharaschkin – Watling South – County Elections 2017

Mollie Scharaschkin – 2017 candidate for Watling South

Mollie Scharaschkin is a 20 year old local activist with a focus on human rights, welfare reform and the environment.

They were recently elected on a huge mandate as the Young Greens disability liberation group co-chair for a second term, and are actively involved in pushing for an accessible future for all in Tamworth.

Mollie has also been involved in successfully introducing policies to the Green Party that explicitly recognise transgender and non-binary people; a first within British politics.

Their opposition to HS2 and stance on re-nationalisation and protection of public services is particularly crucial in a Tamworth facing a barrage of Tory cuts hitting the most vulnerable.

A Green councillor will act as a progressive alternative and offer a fresh, new voice for Staffordshire.

Mollie Scharaschkin, candidate for Watling South, 2017