Lesley Edmunds – Bolebridge – County Elections 2017

Lesley_Edmunds cropped
Lesley Edmunds – 2017 candidate for Bolebridge Division

I have lived in Tamworth for nineteen years. I worked in warehouses until the birth of my daughter and have been a housewife since.  I am a member of the Green Party because they are the compassionate party: they care about the environment globally, nationally and locally; but fundamentally they care about people.

I volunteer in my daughter’s school and have seen first hand the daily struggles the staff endure due to a lack of investment by successive governments. Academisation has handed publicly owned schools to large companies who can ignore parents at will. The range of 6th form provision has been reduced to a single location which the Tory council claims is giving us ‘more choice’. We must also fight to protect our local hospital which is at risk from closure.

As a councillor I would always promote green alternatives where possible, for example public transport providers could be encouraged to use electric vehicles.

Also, I would seek to promote sustainable development in Tamworth and prevent our green spaces from being swallowed up.  Most of all I would seek to ensure that the council is accountable to the people of Staffordshire and Tamworth and not to the big party sponsors and national parties with no interest in Tamworth beyond making profit.

Lesley Edmunds, candidate for Bolebridge District, 2017