Eddie Jones – Amington – County Elections 2017

Eddie Jones
Eddie Jones – 2017 candidate for Amington Division

There have been some strange things going on in politics over the last year.

After losing the EU Referendum, David Cameron resigned as Prime Minister then shortly after, decided that he didn’t even want to be an MP after all.

The ex-chancellor, George Osborne thought that it was ok to do two or three other jobs as well as being a Member of Parliament, until the general was called and then decided that he didn’t want to be an MP any longer either.

The Prime Minister, Theresa May, was initially elected into office by just 199 people.

Her foreign trips so far have included visits to Donald Trump, President / Dictator Ergoden of Turkey and our ‘friends’ Saudi Arabia who are currently bombing civilians in Yemen and blockading the ports to prevent humanitarian aid from reaching starving people.

Here at home, one of her first decisions was to go ahead with the Hinkley Point C Nuclear Power Station even though there isn’t a working model in existence and there are serious safety concerns.

The government has also decided that the best way to solve the shortage of trained Nurses in the NHS is to stop NHS bursaries. This means that as well as having to work in hospitals unpaid on placement for half of the time during their degree course, new student nurses will now have to pay tuition fees of around £9,000 per year to do so. This has already resulted in 10,000 fewer applications for the next academic year.

I have just read that by the governments own estimates, £140 million has been spent so far on Free Schools that either closed within a year or never opened at all. (Great value for money!)

I could go on, but I won’t. Suffice it to say that these are some of the reasons why I am proud to stand as a candidate for The Green Party, as I strongly believe that we have sensible ideas on the issues of Democracy, Employment, Economics, Energy, Social Welfare, Education and the NHS.

Our Green Party elected representatives have a lot more integrity than the Conservative ones that I have just mentioned.

Eddie Jones, candidate for Amington District, 2017