Greens Saddened By Loss Of Friend And Colleague

ballot boxTamworth Green Party have been shocked and saddened by the death of their friend and colleague Sarah Walters.

Sarah was a long-standing member of The Green Party and her presentations about her beloved Alvecote Wood and its fantastic biodiversity were fascinating and always well received by the local party.

Sarah stood as a candidate several times and will be sadly missed by all Tamworth Green Party members.

Our thoughts are with her husband and best friend Stephen.

As a result of Sarah’s death, the borough council election for the Glascote ward – which should have taken place on Thursday, May 3, 2018 – has been postponed until Friday, May 25, 2018.

The Green Party Candidate for the countermanded election in Glascote Ward is  Kevin Jones.

Kevin is a Yoga and Pilates instructor who holds classes at The Sacred Heart Community Centre.


Greens Break Election Record

ballot box

Tamworth Green Party will be standing a record number of candidates in next month’s Borough Council Elections.

The Greens will be represented in more wards than ever before across the borough, providing voters with the option of supporting genuinely progressive candidates on Thursday, May 3rd.*

In total, candidates will contest six wards and be promoting core Green Party principles such as:

  • Rebuilding our economy
  • Bringing the railways back into public hands
  • Keeping the public at the heart of the NHS, preventing privatisation by stealth
  • Education being free for all
  • Action on climate change with a fierce opposition to fracking.

For full details of all Green Party policies, please visit the Green Party Policy website.

The names of the candidates and the wards they will contest are as follows:

Amington – Andrew Tilley

Belgrave – Lesley Edmunds

Glascote – Kevin Jones

Mercian – John Scattergood

Trinity – Wil Goodridge

Wilnecote – Nicola Holmes.

* The election for the Glascote ward has been rescheduled for Friday, May 25th, following the death of previous Green Party candidate Sarah Walters.

Tamworth Says YES to Syrian Refugees – The Video

Please spend just over six minutes watching this video by Paul Barnett of wellredfilms to see for yourself just how magnificent the people of Tamworth are.

Thank you Paul.

Further information:

From Syria to Tamworth from wellredfilms on Vimeo.

Tamworth Says YES to Syrian Refugees – In Pictures

Wow! Fantastic turnout today in Tamworth Castle Grounds for the ‘Tamworth Says Yes to Syrian Refugees’ demonstration – to counterpoint the naysayers. Well done to the organisers for such a great event and thanks to Staffordshire Police for their presence.

Here’s some pictures from the event. Click an image to enlarge it. (All images courtesy of RobTheRunt)

Anti-Austerity March: Greens Out in Force

The Anti-Austerity March that took place in London on Saturday 20th June (organised by The People’s Assembly) was hugely well attended.

The expected 65,000 protesters was more than achieved with an estimated 250,000 turnout.

The Green Party had fantastic representation with party leader Natalie Bennett and MP Caroline Lucas both in attendance.

A few members of Tamworth Greens also made the trip and have provided some photos of the day.

Further information on the day can be found via the the following links:

HS2 – it still doesn’t add up!

STOP HS2 logo

HS2, the high-speed rail-line set to plough its way through parts of Tamworth, is a major concern of ours and one of our three campaigning priorities in the forthcoming County elections.

The Green Party is the only national party which wholly opposes this unnecessary and expensive folly.

We will be petitioning on this issue in Tamworth Town Centre this Saturday (6th April) from 9.30am. Come along and have a chat – you will see us near ‘Middle Entry’

The letter below is from Eddie Jones, Green Party candidate for Perrycrofts and was recently published in the Tamworth Herald.

HS2 – it doesn’t add up

“I FIND it hard to believe that the government and main opposition party are still trying to justify spending billions of pounds on high speed rail.

When I attended the HS2 roadshow at the Guild Hall in Lichfield, a representative from HS2 explained that it was necessary for the following reason:

The number of people using the rail network had increased steadily over the last 20 years as people had become more affluent.

On the assumption that this trend would continue over the next 20 years, the current rail network would not be able to cope and would require major improvements.

If we are doing major improvements, we may as well build a new high speed line.

We are now being told by government that due to the banking industry crisis and austerity measures that we should not expect to become wealthier in the foreseeable future.

That being the case, why is HS2 going ahead?

In any case, I still do not understand how reducing travel time from London to Birmingham by a few minutes is vital to the future of the British economy or justifies spending billions of pounds.”

Eddie Jones, Tamworth and District Green Party.

Get Fracktious on 1st December!

NATIONAL CLIMATE MARCH, Assemble 12 noon at Grosvenor Square

Saturday 1st December – midway through the Qatar Climate Talks – COP 18

12:00 – 1:30 Assemble Grosvenor Square and build the “Grosvenor Square Keystone pipeline” from the Canadian High Commission to the US embassy !

1:30 – 3:00  March to Parliament

3:00 – 4:00  Build a giant mock fracking rig outside parliament!

This year has seen the passing of an awesome milestone in the accelerating escalation of the climate crisis – the record shattering disapearance summertime arctic sea ice, which has now been predicted to disappear completely by 2015 (see further here and here).

Something that was not predicted to happen till the end of the century is happening right now! But not only is climate change already altering the planet’s basic geography, the rapid changes in the arctic  have been linked to recent extreme weather events that have destroyed crops and sent food prices spiraling, hitting the world’s poorest hardest.

Yet even as the world is poised on the brink of a tragedy of unimaginable scale, none of our leaders seems to be so much as blinking an eyelid in response. Worse than that humanity is engaged in a madcap suicidal dash to unearth  yet more of what caused the problem in the first place – fossil fuels.

Even as some fossil fuels are becoming more expensive to extract, new types of – often more carbon intensive – fossil fuel are being discovered and exploited. We believe it’s time to get fracktiousabout the criminal insanity of the way we are responding to probably the biggest threat humanity has ever faced.

We will be acting in solidarity with the many local campaigns around the country in resisting the expansion into this country of the risky and destructive pratcice of ‘hydraulic fracturing’ or “fracking” for previously un-tappable “shale gas”. This is a major prop for George Osborne’s new “dash for gas” which threatens to expand the exploitation of this fossil fuel in a way that would effectively blow the (inadequate but hard fought for) Climate Act out of the water (see here).

To this end we will be building our own “fracking rig” outside Parliament to secure a definitive photo-op and to signal to government that fracking will not go ahead without massive resistance. See spoof about this here.

Meanwhile we will also be building a “Grosvenor Square Keystone pipeline” (see here) between the Canadian High Commission and the US embassy to signal our outrage at the continued exploitation of high-carbon tar sands.

We will also be demanding that President Obama end his “Climate silence”, speak out and spend some of his re-election political capital on action against climate change.


11:00 am: Christian Ecology and Operation Noah are organising a Climate Service at Grosvenor Chapel, South Audley Street (just down the road from Grosvenor Square)  See more here.

12:00 noon: Assemble at Grosvenor Square.

1:00 – 1:30: lay the “Grosvenor Keystone pipeline”, Speeches on the Arctic and Obama’s Climate Silence and on Tar Sands by Jess Worth from the Tar Sands Network.

1:30 – 3:00: March from Grosvenor Square to Parliament

3:00 – 4:00: Build the Westminster Fracking Rig. Speeches, including from Eve Macnamara from REAF (Ribble Estuary against Fracking), John McDonnell MP (Labour, Hayes and Harlington) and Natalie Bennett (leader, Green party).

5:00 pm to late: After-Party at the Cock Tavern, 23 Phoenix Road, Euston (Euston Station, Euston Square Tube, Kings Cross Station). With the ‘Ratcatchers’, Chris Bluemel and others.

If you would like to help us by stewarding, please email us at We will have a prop-making day on Saturday 17th November at Grow Heathrow from 10:00 am (this may continue on the Sunday 18th.) See more here. Just turn up or email us in advance at if you’d like to help us with this or prop-making and logistical preparations in general.

For a future that works in all our interests…

Tamworth Greens will be joining the TUC demonstration “For a Future the Works” on 20th October.


The message we want to put across is simple. The current economic crisis gives us a golden opportunity to start to build a new society based on justice, fairness and sustainability, operating not in the interests of the bankers, who brought us to the brink of ruin, but in the interests of ordinary people.

Government should institute a crash programme of investment in green and sustainable jobs. It should renovate the whole of Britain’s housing stock, to bring it up to the best standards of energy efficiency, and start to build millions more high quality social housing.

Hundreds of thousands of young and unemployed people should be trained, equipped with the necessary skills to carry this out.

Furthermore, there should be a massive expansion of cheap, high quality public transport and a rapid shift away from fossil fuels towards renewable forms of energy production.

Workers in polluting, wasteful or socially less desirable industries should be re-trained and re-skilled- putting their expertise at the service of a cleaner, fairer, low-carbon society.

We need to do it and we should do it now.

We will be travelling to London by train- drop us a line if you would like to arrange to meet up with us.

Bigots come to Birmingham!

Members of Tamworth Green Party are pleased to endorse this statement from Love Music Hate Homophobia.

Open statement – Homophobic bigots not welcome in Birmingham

“Despite the majority of public opinion and support from MPs being in favour 4 to1 of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) rights, the ‘Campaign for marriage’ (C4M) is holding an anti equal marriage rally to galvanise opposition on Monday the 8th October at 1pm in Birmingham Town Hall. The rally has been officially advertised in the Conservative Party Conference fringe guide and promoted by the Daily Mail. All three platform speakers do not just oppose equal marriage – they back ‘gay cures.’

This is about turning the clock back on LGBT rights full stop.

David Cameron claims the Tories are different from the homophobes who introduced Section 28 under Thatcher. Yet, since poor local government election results, the bigots have been allowed to come out of the woodwork. Some Tory ministers now oppose marriage equality. Cameron is giving Tory MPs a ‘free vote’ so homophobic Tories will vote against it. This comes against the backdrop of government cuts and austerity, which are hitting LGBT people disproportionately hard.

We are concerned that the Conservatives are not prepared to take on homophobia in their party or at senior levels of the church as they believe this would alienate their traditional voting base.

We oppose the rally and call on all student and trade unions, community groups, campaigns and faith groups to join a “picket the bigots” protest from 12.30 on Monday 8th October in Victoria Square outside the Campaign for Marriage rally in Birmingham Town Hall.”