Tories Plan Yet Another Attack On The Most Vulnerable In Society

The Tories continue their relentless attack on the few remaining rights of some of the most vulnerable in society.

At present, council house tenants have a right to stay in their homes as long as they wish but under plans announced by the Tories no one will be secure for more than five years. Having a reliable roof over your head is one of the most fundamental requirements in life and knowing that you can build a family home without fear of eviction has always been central to the council house ethos.

The new Tory plans will see families having to face the prospect of repeated moves which will negatively impact on the education of thousands of children and remove the security that we should all be entitled to in our old age.

Our local MP has repeatedly shown that he will vote in line with his government instead of what is best for his constituents. Yet again we need to make sure he knows that the people of Tamworth do not support these evil measures.

Contact Christopher Pincher MP


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