#StopArmingIsrael Action At Shenstone

War On Want are planning creative action outside an arms factory in Shenstone as a part of their #StopArmingIsrael campaign. You can register your interest in participating in this.

Here’s the details from War On Want.

Will you join us on 6 July for a day of creative action outside the Elbit Systems arms factory in Shenstone (near Birmingham) as a part of our #StopArmingIsrael campaign?

RSVP now to register your interest and get updates about the action (including possible transport options)!

The beginning of July marks one year since the horrific Israeli attacks on Gaza last summer, which killed over 2,000 Palestinians. These attacks are enabled by the UK government’s support of the Israeli military industry. In 2014 alone, the UK government licensed over £11.6 million worth of military equipment and arms components for export to Israel, with full knowledge of what those arms are used for.

Help War on Want by donating to our Stop Arming Israel campaign.

Also in July we are marking BDS@10, the ten year anniversary of the inspiring grassroots call from Palestinians for international supporters to engage in campaigns of boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) on Israel until it complies with international law to end its apartheid policies. Central to the BDS mission is targetting the arms companies profiting from Israel’s war against Palestinians, producing weapons and weapons components used in the Israeli military attacks. Many of these companies are operating right here in our communities in the UK.Protesters call for an arms embargo and for the UK to stop arming Israel.

Elbit Systems, with its subsidiary factory in Shenstone, is one of Israel’s largest arms companies, producing drones and other military technology used in Israeli military assaults on Gaza. Last year activists occupied the factory, forcing its operations to grind to a halt while they were there. Now it’s time to go back outside the same factory, this time in numbers, to transform it into a space for community.

The Stop Arming Israel campaign will be a long-term campaign with many different approaches, including pressuring our government and the arms companies themselves. For now, let’s send a powerful message to Elbit Systems that we will not stand by while they produce their deadly weapons!


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