Kingsbury residents fight HS2

Good report in the Tamworth Herald

By Lee Kettle

DOZENS of visitors to a popular water park near Tamworth have backed a crusade opposing the high speed railway HS2.

More than 60 visitors signed up to find out more about the campaign of SNOWHS2 during a two-day exhibition at Kingsbury Water Park this bank holiday.
“I think there’s a genuine fear that, if the proposed route goes ahead, Kingsbury Water Park will not be the same water park.

“There’s a big concern over what it will cause, not just within the water park but around it too, especially to roads and homes. The construction work will be horrendous.”

The second phase of the controversial £33bn plan shows the line ploughing past Kingsbury, Tamworth and Polesworth, and close to rural villages.

Current proposals show the track crossing Bodymoor Heath Lane at a height of 8.6 metres, continuing onto a viaduct which will be 9.5 metres high, with a 12 metre high viaduct taking the track over the River Tame.

Overhead electric wires 8.5 metres above the height of viaducts and embankments could add further misery, added Ian.

He said: “It’s the height that concerns me. It will lead to high vibration noise and the electrical lines will be damaging to wildlife.

“They are a threat to birds, especially larger species.”

The proposed track also runs near to the Echills Wood railway, cafe and visitors centre – which may have to be relocated.

SNOWHS2 comprises of action groups from across North Warwickshire and Staffordshire.

Speaking at the exhibition, Annette Jones, of Kingsbury Action Group which officially launched in February, said: “HS2 is a huge waste of money, and people are not being informed enough.

“This is a massive concern for the village and people understand the implications. We’ve got around 20 to 30 members who have joined our action group, and the number is growing.”

Ann Outen, chair of the Hints Action Group, said: “It’s devastating to the environment. It’s almost as though they have looked at a map and picked out beautiful areas to cut through.

“It will blight our village. There are huge effects on people.”


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