HS2 – it still doesn’t add up!

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HS2, the high-speed rail-line set to plough its way through parts of Tamworth, is a major concern of ours and one of our three campaigning priorities in the forthcoming County elections.

The Green Party is the only national party which wholly opposes this unnecessary and expensive folly.

We will be petitioning on this issue in Tamworth Town Centre this Saturday (6th April) from 9.30am. Come along and have a chat – you will see us near ‘Middle Entry’

The letter below is from Eddie Jones, Green Party candidate for Perrycrofts and was recently published in the Tamworth Herald.

HS2 – it doesn’t add up

“I FIND it hard to believe that the government and main opposition party are still trying to justify spending billions of pounds on high speed rail.

When I attended the HS2 roadshow at the Guild Hall in Lichfield, a representative from HS2 explained that it was necessary for the following reason:

The number of people using the rail network had increased steadily over the last 20 years as people had become more affluent.

On the assumption that this trend would continue over the next 20 years, the current rail network would not be able to cope and would require major improvements.

If we are doing major improvements, we may as well build a new high speed line.

We are now being told by government that due to the banking industry crisis and austerity measures that we should not expect to become wealthier in the foreseeable future.

That being the case, why is HS2 going ahead?

In any case, I still do not understand how reducing travel time from London to Birmingham by a few minutes is vital to the future of the British economy or justifies spending billions of pounds.”

Eddie Jones, Tamworth and District Green Party.



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