Flood defence

floodFlooding in Tamworth appears to have become as inevitable as death and taxes but, whilst we welcome the investment made in flood defences, surely it is time far more was done to tackle the root causes at a local, national and global level?

The government’s own advisors recognise that houses continue to be built on flood plains whilst land disappears under concrete and tarmac- reducing the ability to absorb excess water.

It is acknowledged that we are already close to the limit of our ability to cope with flooding and further climate change could push us over the edge.

The UK is increasingly vulnerable to extreme weather events – severe winter followed by dry spring and then washout summer. But the government’s response that we need to ‘adapt’ and ‘build resilience’ is simply a sticking plaster to divert attention from the need to treat a serious wound!

We do need to put in place coping strategies but we also have to act now to prevent the ‘worse case scenarios’ from happening in the first place.

This will require action on an almost unprecedented scale; to radically reduce our reliance on fossil fuels by investing massively in renewable energy; to improve public transport as a real alternative to the car and to make energy efficiency and reduction the number one national priority.


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