Bedroom tax – another tax on the poor and vulnerable

toryThe government’s attack on benefits could see thousands of people lose their homes.

One attack in particular, popularly known as the “bedroom tax”, is set to push almost 100,000 social housing tenants into arrears on their rent from this April.

The idea is to punish people for “under-occupying” homes that are supposedly too large for them so tenants could lose up to £80 a month from their housing benefit just for having a spare bedroom.

This may particularly affect older families where children have grown up and left the family home.

Yet councils and social housing associations report that they simply don’t have enough one bedroom homes for people to ‘downsize’ to.

Together with plans to make councils responsible for council tax benefit- and slashing the amount available so even the poorest now have to pay this represents yet another unfair attempt to make ordinary working people pay for an economic crisis not of our making.

What we need is not a bedroom tax on those least able to pay but a mansion tax on those with the broadest shoulders!

The Green Party says we should be building high quality, affordable housing to the best available standards to meet a real social need.





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