Living wages or decent benefits – the hallmark of a civilised society

You may remember last year’s report in the Herald of the excellent and vital work of the Tamworth Food Bank in offering relief to some of the most needy and vulnerable people in our society.

The letter below, from Green Party leader Natalie Bennett on the subject appeared recently in the Guardian:

“The Conservatives are intent upon making Britain work for the privileged few at the cost of the rest of us.

The number of food banks has risen six-fold since 2010. Fast-rising rents, falling real wages and rising food prices have created the perfect storm for poverty.

The devastating benefit cuts, affecting those in work, seeking work and unfit for work, are pulling the rug further out from the needy.

Until there is a living wage for all, decent benefits to meet the real costs of living, an end to zero-hours contracts and casualised employment, sadly the need – the desperate, unavoidable need – for food banks is only going to increase.”

Natalie Bennett
Leader, Green Party of England and Wales


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