For a future that works in all our interests…

Tamworth Greens will be joining the TUC demonstration “For a Future the Works” on 20th October.


The message we want to put across is simple. The current economic crisis gives us a golden opportunity to start to build a new society based on justice, fairness and sustainability, operating not in the interests of the bankers, who brought us to the brink of ruin, but in the interests of ordinary people.

Government should institute a crash programme of investment in green and sustainable jobs. It should renovate the whole of Britain’s housing stock, to bring it up to the best standards of energy efficiency, and start to build millions more high quality social housing.

Hundreds of thousands of young and unemployed people should be trained, equipped with the necessary skills to carry this out.

Furthermore, there should be a massive expansion of cheap, high quality public transport and a rapid shift away from fossil fuels towards renewable forms of energy production.

Workers in polluting, wasteful or socially less desirable industries should be re-trained and re-skilled- putting their expertise at the service of a cleaner, fairer, low-carbon society.

We need to do it and we should do it now.

We will be travelling to London by train- drop us a line if you would like to arrange to meet up with us.


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