Thank you to all those who voted Green!

Tamworth Green Party candidates Lisa Crane and Simon Johnson would like to thank the voters of Mercian and Castle wards who supported us in the local elections on 3rd May. We are very pleased that, despite our limited resources, our share of the vote has again held up in Tamworth.

We think the Green Party’s positive messages of caring for the environment and promoting social justice strike a chord with people worried about their children’s future, struggling to make ends meet to pay for a financial crisis they didn’t cause and seeing the services they rely on being cut or sold off for profit.

In Castle, Simon  gained 162 votes – approximately 9% of the poll whilst in Mercian, Lisa scored 7.77% (130 votes) and firmly pushed the Liberal Democrat candidate into fourth position.

Clearly we still have a long way to go to get the Green message across but we have made a very good start and we now have our eyes fixed firmly on next years County Council elections.

With your help, we can go much further- why not join us?

Get involved!


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