Vote Green 3rd May – our candidates

Simon Johnson

Simon Johnson

Simon says: “I have lived inTamworth since 1992 and brought up my family here. As a parent, it’s natural to think about the kind of world your children are growing up in, and try to find ways to make it better:

  • What sort of start are we giving our young people and how well are they equipped for the challenges they face?
  • Where will the jobs of the future come from?
  • How will we provide affordable homes?
  • What will be the cost of climate change if we don’t work together to make a difference?
  • How can we help older people stay independent and afford a comfortable retirement?

Throughout my working life, I have always worked for voluntary and community organisations in paid and voluntary roles. I have been a school governor and sat on the boards of a number of local public bodies.

Lisa Crane

Lisa Crane

Lisa lives and works inTamworth. She has two children and is a primary school teacher in Stonydelph.

Lisa previously worked for over 10 years in the social housing sector as a housing officer and community development manager.


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